Heavy Duty Combo Pack

If you?re looking for knockout potent bud, then check out our Heavy Duty Combo Pack. These strains are not for lightweights or novice consumers. Expect to get blasted with the effects of these strains with just a couple of tokes. Choose our Heavy Duty Combo Pack and feel the power of these strains.

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Many a time, our customers were reaching out to us asking us to come up with a marijuana seeds variety pack that incorporated beans that could withstand the cannabis growing stresses. We rolled our sleeves and decided to do just that.

In this very package, there are 15 cannabis seeds, from three different strains, where each strain consists of 5 seeds. We have been generous enough to see to it that the grower will have utter fun as they grow these cannabis plants. The fact is that even though the strain may be the same for each sorted five plants, there will be slight differences in things such as the overall yields, sizes of the buds, and of course the overall sizes and heights of the plants. It couldn?t be more interesting to explore different options.

To make it simpler, let’s say you have your packet of the Heavy Duty mix variety pack with you. You will find 5 Krypto fem seeds and 5 of the other two. Now, if you decide to plant the 5 Krypto fem beans at their dedicated growing medium and assuming each of the 5 sprouts, then you will have your five plants. Now, assuming you use the same amounts of nutrients, light, and water, it will be interesting to find that none of these strains will have the same sizes, yields, and number of buds.

That said, as much as we would like to make you explore 3 different options, we would also be happy to see you feeling the amazement that comes with the uniqueness of each pot strain. That is how you will find growing pot more of a hobby than a time-passing or income-generating activity.

Kali Jack feminized

This is a Sativa-dominant strain that is better for wake-and-bake than a nightcap. You can expect a blast of uplifting energy that will make you feel ready to take on the day. Your mind will be filled with creativity which you can use for writing, meditation, or brainstorming. As you continue to toke on this strain your body will feel relaxed but your mind buzzing.

Kali Jack feminized seeds have a moderate growing difficulty and you could actually make this strain your best option if you would like to take a new challenge to grow a 90% Sativa. Trust me you will feel like the leader you are when you get your up to 3oz/f2 with this daytime cannabis strain.

Kryptonite feminized

The Kryptonite strain is one of the stronger strains available at the moment. This top-notch strain has all the great qualities you are looking for in a medicinal strain. Kryptonite marijuana is a heavy smoker with great haze qualities. The effects of it hit hard and last a long time, providing a strong body buzz that can make you feel sedated and euphoric at the same time. It will leave you floating.

Kryptonite feminized seeds are the best when cultivated outdoors, and for a specific reason, this is why we have included them in this heavy duty mix pack. This is one of the few strains that clock 1000gms per square meter outdoors. As if this uniqueness isn?t enough, these beans have a perfect Indica to Sativa ratio; 50/50 to be specific. Scour through our website and you will find that this undeniably has no compare.

Green Crack feminized

Green Crack is a strain you just have to smoke. The thrilling Green Crack will turn the laziest goof-off into a powerful battery with its energetic effect and extraordinary mango aroma. Whether you need a smoke after a rough day, just want to take a puff or if you want to turn the daily grind into a bliss: Green Crack is what you’re looking for.

Crack mother nature with green pot with the Green Crack feminized seeds. No way else mother nature will appreciate you better as you would have already done justice to her – greening with pot.


Yay, your time is coming. Firstly, endeavor to gain some experience with growing pot before you go full swing and make yourself available to cultivate or even smoke this weed.

In a closer look, you will realize that Kryptonite feminized seeds have an easy or moderate growing difficulty, and this means that amateurs and veterans find her as their ultimate home, but not beginners. The same case applies to the other two strains.

Secondly, these grasses have high amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol, where the levels range between 20 and 30%. The average is 24% and this means that as an absolute beginner, these types of dope are bound to knock you down. If you are starting out, it would be best if you garner experience first as these beans are here to stay, and you will forever be grateful whenever your time comes for you to smoke or hotbox the grass from any of these three plants – there won?t be the worry for getting knocked off by pot.


Our Heavy Duty Combo Pack have different characteristics, and this means that you won’t be expecting to get all Indicas or all Sativas in this package. While at this, do you know the difference between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica?

Kali Jack feminized seeds give rise to 90% Sativa strains while Green Crack feminized seeds grass gives a hint of Indica effects. On the other hand, the Kryptonite feminized strain has a balanced ratio. So, if you are interested in finding a strain that can get smoked during the daytime then Krypto fem and Kali Jack Fem. If you are a night owl, then Green Crack fem and Krypto feminized grass has your interests taken care of. That said, with this package, you are investing in cannabis plants that can get smoked at any time of the day with the assurance that your recreational and medical interests get taken care of.

Order this variety pack wherever you are, and we’ll be happy to take care of the shipping and delivery logistics for you, for free.


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