The Blues Combo pack

Kiss the blues goodbye with The Blues Combo Pack. These sativa-dominant strains will put the bounce back in your step with their uplifting and energizing effects. These strains are very powerful so you will only need a few tokes to get you going. If you are looking for a happy and creative combo pack then you have found it here with The Blues Combo Pack.

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Our Blues Combo pack has everything you’ll ever want from blue cannabis strains. The best only!

Aussie Blues feminized

Contrary to its name, Aussie Blues will never have you feeling sad. In fact, we guarantee that it’ll do quite the opposite. This strain is super powerful, so powerful that it often leaves users feeling as though they are having a near psychedelic experience. It induces euphoria and strong feelings of happiness, as well as supplying your body with piles and piles of energy to keep you going for hours.

Among the characteristics of Aussie Blues feminized seeds that seem to be giving such high recognition from the growers and users from different parts of the globe are the moderate growing difficulty and the power packing typical effects of Sativa, respectively. It would be unfair for her fanatics if we didn’t incorporate these beans ion our Blues variety pack.

Blue Dream XTRM feminized

This strain is nothing short of genius as when smoking this one you truly do get the best of both worlds. That is, you get the energized feeling that comes with smoking sativa, but you also become relaxed and soothed due to its 20% indica ratio. Blue Dream is unlike anything you will have smoked before. Be warned though, this one is not for the inexperienced smoker as it as a hugely potent THC content.

Are you interested in having a typical day time strain that will keep you energetic all day long, while also taking care of your moods? Then think of cultivating our Blue Dream XTRM feminized seeds. You’re legendary in your own way, and it would undeniably rock if you dreamt being on the blue skies and perhaps hanging on the clouds as you reminisce. Really.

Purple Power feminized

This powerhouse is a very stable plant that even grows in climates with pretty colder conditions. Purple Power, the stuff of legends. This very pretty plant has a big secret. Purple Power triggers creativity, unlike any other marijuana plant. Used by many great artists all over the world.

One of the critical properties of Purple Power feminized seeds plants is that they have an easy growing difficulty, which tends to be a unique characteristic for the typical Sativa she is. Newbies, amateurs and veterans – here come a strain that you may ultimately refer to as home. Any day and every day.


Not to be harsh or anything, but if you can’t guess one of the benefits of feminized seeds, then the assumption is that you have been living under a rock. Well, the general attribute about the beans on our Blues Combo Pack is that they are feminized in nature, and as such, the crucial benefit is ensured – massive yields.

Interested in being a commercial cannabis grower? The three strains in this package are bound to give you voluminous buds to get you going. Necessarily, brace yourself for providing these grasses with the right attention if at all, you are to get made proud by these beauties. Nonetheless, one thing is certain – all the three feminized strains will ultimately make you proud.


As we were starting out more than 20 years ago, we wouldn’t guess that we would have like-minded customers who would actually be having the same thoughts, regardless of coming from different parts of the world. One of the reviews that we received a couple of months ago actually turned out to be similar.

Those customers said this: They sort out their marijuana seed variety packs in such a way that newbies, amateurs, and veteran growers have something in store for them.

And true to their word, you can see above – Aussie Blues feminized seeds and Blue Dream XTRM feminized seeds have a moderate growing difficulty; thus, ideal for the amateurs and the experienced growers. On the other hand, feminized Purple Power Seeds have an easy growing difficulty; thus, ideal for the wannabe grower. See how we walk everyone?s talk?

While not all these seeds trace their origin from the Netherlands, we have done the daunting part to see to it that these seeds are a replica of the original, while ensuring that they are of the highest-quality ever-seen. This explains why our marijuana seeds have a 90% germination guarantee.


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We are not limited to delivering to the Netherlands or Europe. Our Blues Combination Pack marijuana seeds USA, ASIA, and worldwide are awaiting to get dispatched to you for free, and in crush-proof packages. Be sure to order today and we will make the delivery to you.


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