Sativa Combo Pack Fem

For a cerebral high that gets you going and makes you gush creativity, there is nothing better than the feminized sativa strains in this combo pack. Expect waves of euphoria and a permanent smile on your face when consuming these strains. These seeds will grow into big beautiful plants packed full of buds that provide for super high yields. Put the pep back into your step with a sativa high that is perfect for daytime use.

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Sativa Combo Pack Fem strains are here and they’re selling fast! See what amazing strains await you:

Waikiki Queen feminized

Our improved Waikiki strain is a mostly Sativa hybrid that will give you a happy holiday feeling. The light buds have a sweet smell and a taste that will bring fresh tropical fruit to mind. Because of the Hawaiian flavor, you might expect this strain to be light, but the Waikiki Queen strain has an extreme Sativa high, followed by a stony Hawaiian mind breeze. This fresh-tasting hybrid will ease your mind and just make you smile all day.

Light of Jah feminized

This strain delivers beautiful yields of clustered medium density buds glistening with juicy resin. Light of Jah has a flavor of strong peppered Haze spiced with a delicious dash of fruity acridness. The effects have a quick onset with a strong uplifting cerebral high and a giggly edge.

Purple Power feminized

This powerhouse is a very stable plant that even grows in climates with pretty colder conditions. Purple Power, the stuff of legends. This very pretty plant has a big secret. Purple Power triggers creativity unlike any other marijuana plant. Used by many great artists all over the world.


Perhaps you would like to quench your pot growing thirst and this means that you have to have a high number of beans to get you awesomely going. It really matters to us that you will need to have generous amounts of Sativa feminized seeds, where we think 5 of each is fantastic enough to get you started and keep going.

See, these Sativa marijuana seed packs have 5 Purple Power feminized seeds, 5 Light of Jah feminized seeds, and 5 Waikiki Queen feminized seeds. It’s our utter hope that you will get satisfied while exploring three different strains.

While at it, it is interesting to let you know that these Sativa feminized seeds plants may be typical Sativas, yes, but they are different when it comes to their standing out effects, scents, and aromas. The best way to get a complete overview of the same if the details under the specific seeds up there are not enough, please allow us to click the links to the specific strains for yourself.


Yay, it is your right to expect uniqueness from us and that is one of the areas where we never fail. Our Sativa feminized seeds are unique, and you have a guarantee that not any other marijuana seed bank will be offering the same strains in the Sativa fem variety pack as us.

Something worth noting is that this Sativa feminized mix pack is not new to our addition, but just a reinvention. Initially, there were three different strains of 4, 3, and 3 beans. We had to shuffle the seeds and come up with these best-selling Sativas to feel the experience that made our long-term customers swear by the award-winning Sativas.


Any of the Sativa fem strains in this combination package can get taken during any time of the day. If the critical reason for being here is that you were interested in some nighttime stash, then please allow us to send you through our Indica feminized combo pack.


The seeds in these marijuana seed packs are not those described as having an extremely hard growing difficulty, and so we have been lenient enough with amateurs. Wannabe growers may also try out these seeds, but it would be judicious if we debunk the specifics towards the successful germination and growing of the beans.

Firstly, you will need to order these beans and make sure to do so well in advance as the demand is extremely high, and in as much as we would like everyone to benefit, the demand may outdo our supply since we always strive to make our quality the same or even furthermore improved.

So, let’s assume you have these Sativa feminized seeds with you right there. You will need to start germinating your Sativa feminized combo pack. This should be the most seamless process now that we have a cannabis germination write-up tailored explicitly for enabling the pothead to keep ongoing.

Secondly, one characteristic of Sativas is that they are extremely towering, and our beans in this cannabis seed pack aren?t an exception. As a rule of thumb, these seedlings need to get cultivated in such a way that the spacing is ample enough. See, the treetops may easily intertwine as the branches are also tall, and this may lead to the spreading of caterpillars, molds, and white powdery.


This is, of course, an implied phrase. We mean that we can hassle-free deliver across any legal pot-growing country around the globe in blanc packaging materials. That said, regardless of being in Asia, the US, Europe, or anywhere else,  we are borderless. Explore three distinct daytime strains with this Sativa fem variety pack. Lest you forget, we have other combo seeds mix packs to explore.


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