Interesting Facts on Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)

You will likely not see psilocybin mushrooms as particularly magical because there might be nothing physically magical about this bald head brown, golden, and white-colored species. Also known as Psilocybe cubensis, they will make you feel magical once you ingest them.

People who used Psilocybe cubensis claim that it gave them a different world perception. Magic mushroom is currently seen and debated by most people as a substance with a high potency effect, which can help treat depression, cancer-related issues, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Magic mushroom contains above 150 strains containing compounds of Psilocybin, a highly potent and psychoactive substance that creates symptoms such as tripping, euphoria, and hallucinations. In the United States and some other countries, the magic mushroom is considered a controlled product and, therefore, illegal. Read further to see many more facts on Psilocybin.

Facts on Psilocybin

1. Magic Mushroom Can Slow Activities of the Brain

Magic mushrooms act effectively by controlling the mind and causing a head high. According to a 2019 ‘Nature’ article. Psilocybin functions by attaching to receptors for serotonin neurotransmitters. However, it is still uncertain how this can alter changes in the brain. Studies have shown that Psilocybin has alternative brain communication-linking potentials and increased coincidences.

In a brain study, the brain visualization of one case study who consumed Psilocybin showed reduced activity and function in the cognitive transfer of information to some areas of the brain, such as the mid-bread and the thalamus. Once the activities of the thalamus slow down, it might be impossible to convey information across the brain as smoothly as it should.

2. Magic Mushrooms Existed in the Neolithic Days

Many people must have known about magic mushrooms from archeology as it goes way back to the bygone days. Historically, central Americans knew about magic mushrooms and used them before the Europeans came on board. Magic mushrooms grow excellently in tropical and subtropical regions, but nobody knows if humans experienced the same tripping effects while taking the mushroom in those days.

3. Magic Mushroom Kills Fear

Mushrooms contain several strange properties, including Omphalotus nidiformis which are strains that might not have psychedelic effects, but they are unique for glowing in the dark, and people know them as Ghost Fungus. However, one of the strangest side effects of Psilocybin is its ability to kill fear.

According to a 2013 study conducted in the animal category, with mice as the case study. Researchers discovered that after dozing the animals with Psilocybin, they were no longer afraid of noises that made them freeze before taking the magic doze.

With this, they took painful electric shocks and felt comfortable and relaxed around intense noise. However, it took a while for the mice to adjust.

Researchers hope that the same effects of Psilocybin in mice might work with humans if they analyze the treatment of mental or emotional disorders. For instance, a tiny psilocybin dose could work perfectly in treating post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD in people.

In addition, a 2016 research at the university of John Hopkins shows that anxiety and depression in patients suffering from chronic cancer diseases reduced after the patients had doses of Psilocybin. The patients also perceived life from a better perspective which means that the substance can help reduce anxiety and fear.

4. You Can Grow Your Magic Mushroom

Grow Your Magic Mushroom

You can grow some strains of magic mushrooms at home, such as Psilocybe Cyanescens Magic Truffles. This is possible if the magic mushroom is legal in your area. Otherwise, you might feel uncomfortable growing them because you must constantly look behind your shoulders to avoid legislative problems. It is easy to cultivate magic mushrooms, nearly as though you just ordered it online and nurtured it with water. Having your mushroom garden also helps you monitor the plant.

However, as a mushroom grower, you must practice a high level of caution in cultivating and eating magic mushrooms because they are species of enormous patency, and their impact on you can be problematic if you take them out of proportion. Therefore, before growing them, ensure that you are ready to take responsibility for your experiences and actions.

5. Magic Mushrooms Might Incite Neurogenesis

Even if you are the greatest medical scientist, it is natural for your brain to stop producing new cells, especially as an adult. But, according to studies taking magic mushroom psilocybin products can help generate new brain cells, which is why magic mushroom is currently on the test as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s.

6. Magic Mushrooms Might Help in Controlling Addiction

According to a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University, researchers found that the psychoactive compound of Psilocybin in magic mushrooms might help many individuals working so hard to reduce their cravings for alcohol, smoking, and other drug or substance abuse.

Aside from the victory in nicotine addictions and drinking, another study showed that Psilocybin could also help treat anxiety, obsessions, psychiatric disorder, and other compulsive problems. However, these effects have no research backups, and you cannot take them as claimed until further research.

7. Magic Mushrooms Are Licit in Most Countries

Magic Mushrooms Are Licit in Most Countries

Although magic mushrooms are not legal in so many countries, some do not frown on them. Therefore, people in these countries can freely grow, harvest, and consume magic mushrooms. They can even purchase the truffles or sell them to others in the same region or beyond. If you are in countries like Holland, Jamaica, and the Czech Republic, you can use magic mushrooms, and grow them, without offending the law.


According to research, psilocybin mushrooms can do many things. They can reduce anxiety, and stress disorders, relieve pain, control addictions, and more. All these effects are positive for your well-being and creativity. However, most of these facts are without proven evidence, but many points are also gradually unfolding about this psychedelic mushroom, thanks to the dedication to more research and advanced technology.

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