Fruit Basked Autoflower Combo Pack

Your tastebuds are in for a real treat with the Fruit Basket Autoflower Combo Pack. With mouthwatering flavors, you won?t be able to get enough of these strains. The benefits of these strains go well beyond just their flavor profile, they are easy to grow and produce big beautiful buds. Don?t make your tastebuds wait, with these feminized autoflowering strains you can go from seed to harvest in as little as 10 weeks!

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Blueberry 420 auto-fem

It is a Blueberry flavored hybrid. This fresh and sweet-tasting strain is a delight for all your senses. Euphoria and relaxation and great for pain and stress relief. Renowned by connoisseurs all around the globe. Blueberry 420 is a nice colorful plant and easy to grow.

Limoncello auto-fem

This strain will tingle your mouth like you would if drinking fresh lemonade or Limoncello. The high starts in your body and slowly moves up to your head for a long-lasting relaxing high. When you smoke Limoncello make sure you have plenty of sweets and crisps around, this one will get you the munchies! This Sativa produces enormous amounts of buds, it grows dense and its yield is fantastic

Pineapple Express auto

Pineapple Express seeds are a sativa dominant hybrid, developed by our master breeders. When your plants are ready to harvest, you are rewarded with a very valuable product. Pineapple weed gives an uplifting head and body high. The scent is sweet, like pineapple and berries, but skunky. The flavor is a kushy and tangy flavor, just like you are enjoying juicy delicious exotic fruit.




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