This potent indica dominant strain will hit just the right spot. It will uplift you and then make your body melt into a slumber where it will leave a big smile on your face. Let your pains and worries dissolve with every toke of White Widow Supreme. This is a great medical strain to treat pain, nausea, and anxiety.


White Widow feminized seeds produce Indica dominant plants, with a dominance of 65% and Sativa being 35%. Are you struggling with different types of pain and other underlying medical conditions? Rely on White Widow feminized for a standing out alleviation of what is ailing you.


Just like the original White Widow strain, this feminized beauty maintains the parent’s characteristics, which among those is the standing out pine and earthiness notes. In fact, it wouldn’t be hard to realize the White Widow Supreme feminized from a closer smell into the buds while still on the pot farm. Stinkiness at its best if you wish to say so.

Secrecy is not a term when smoking this grass. If you would like to toke without anyone noticing, please forget it. The White Widow is extraordinarily pungent and will expose you from your secretive dungeon.


You probably have a soft spot on white marijuana strains. Did you, however, know that the White Widow feminized seeds would not have been existent if not for the smart work incorporated by our team of experienced breeders.

This white strain is a fantastic one for that grower who adores beauty with yields. Our breeder has gone above and beyond to prove himself once again that, yes, he is the O.G. Don’t believe us? Afford a couple of hours and go through our different strain descriptions, and you will find that this bearded man has bred and consistently improved the strains you will find on our website.


Our White Widow supreme seeds are not top sellers for no reason – she delivers. Stellar delivery, for that matter. See, this is an Indica/Sativa strain, but with a more inclination towards the Indica side, which is why we are referring to her as an Indica-dominant.

A common characteristic of Indicas is that they guarantee the alleviation of most of the therapeutic conditions, if not all! Mark you, that describes Indica strains with the slightest amounts of THC. How about this one specific strain that has THC levels ranging between 20 and 30%?


Knock off your medical ailments such as chronic headaches, pain, insomnia, period cramps, and PTSD with the White Widow Supreme feminized. If you like that smoke that works after dinner, then consider the feminized White Widow. Before you go to your slumber world, you are assured that you will be having a noticeable smile on your face.

Additionally, the Sativa amounts present in the dope make it a daytime strain to boost your creativity, making the user happy and giggly.


We don’t think that you have been living under a rock to the extent that you know nothing about any cannabis germination procedure. Anyways, our apologies if that came in bad taste. We have incorporated a handy cannabis seeds germination guide to enable you to learn the tips and tricks to acing the germination ordeal.

For example, there is the paper towel method, overnight soaking, direct germination, and the usage of seedling plugs. Regardless of the method used, we feel that you shouldn’t encounter any inconveniences in the quest to germinate your White Widow supreme seeds.


We have a spoiler alert, though. Even though germinating these beans is easy, the strain herself has a moderate growing difficulty, and as such, she needs an expert or an intermediate, but not an absolute beginner.

There is something to comment about the heights, too, primarily when cultivated outdoors. This strain is a tall one, and you can easily confuse her for a Sativa hybrid. In fact, the indoor heights go up to 100cm, with the outdoor heights growing up to 210cm. That is a Lil bit far fetched for the typical Indica dominant strain, but this isn’t a characteristic to make you feel put off by the strain. Towering heights for attractive yields if you would like to put it that way.


White Widow fem yields up to 350gms per square meter when grown indoors, and up to 550gms per square meter of outdoor yields. While these may not be the most massive yields, she has something unique about the flavors and scent, and that’s how exactly she draws the line between herself and the other Indicas.


The indoor flowering time ranges between 8 and 10 weeks, but we mostly advise our growers to let her flower to 10 weeks so that she may take her ample time to realize the good tastes.

Notably, she produces skyrocketed trichome amounts, which play a crucial role in enabling the buds to remain sticky. Brace yourself for some work when the harvesting time comes. Thankfully, with these sticky buds and commendable trichome amounts, you rest assured that pests cannot call your W.W feminized home.


Could be you resonate with us – always interested in getting an ROI  every other time you shop. What if we tell you that you will typically be getting what we are telling you when you buy the W.W feminized seeds? We are one of the few seedbanks that abide by their say.

Don’t believe us? ALL our seeds have a 90% germination guarantee and actually 100% to that grower who does everything as per our germination tips and follows our grow guide. Are you interested in occasional savings? Sign up on our newsletter, and you may be landing a deal where you can save up to 50% on select strains.

Besides, when you pay for your seeds using Bitcoins and cryptos, you will also be pleasured to save a 10% off all seeds order.


It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, but we would incredibly joyous to see you greening mother nature with this white grass. We are borderless, and it shouldn’t be surprising to see our mail delivery team knocking on your door.

Are you interested in other marijuana seeds that are not white? We are home to more than 135 cannabis seeds that fall under different categories, such as regular, feminized, and autoflowers.

Additional information



THC Level

Up to 20-23%



Yield Outdoor

Up to 550 grams / 19.4 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 210 cm / 82.7 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

8-10 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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