White Widow Combo Pack

Here at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, we love White Widow so much that we have created the White Widow combo pack so that you can get a taste of some of our favorite White Widow strains. White Widow is a legendary strain that is wildly popular around the world and a Cannabis Cup winner. It?s a strain that every cannabis enthusiast must try.

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Our White Widow feminized seeds strain is always trending and always one of the top sellers since we introduced her on our shelves. In as much as we love the strain up until prompting ourselves to come up with an exclusive White Widow Combo Pack, we have several customers who have kept on ordering this strain from when they were amateurs until now that they have become seasoned growers. This, to the greatest extent, brings a crucial thing to our minds – that this particular strain indeed packs an epitome of delivery coupled with the best effects and growth. We are hereby spreading this love with you.

In this combination package, you expect to find the plants mentioned below. There are 15 seeds in total on our White Widow mix pack, where, there are 5 seeds for each specific strain.

White Widow feminized

This extremely potent strain with high THC levels is known for its astonishingly thick coating of crystal white trichomes to which it derives its name. The Indica dominance in this strain will leave the smoker feeling utterly relaxed while the Sativa part boosts an unparalleled mood enhancement providing the best of both worlds in one strain. White Widow has a mellow citrus/pine flavor.

Our White Widow feminized seeds are the ultimate feminized version of the White Widow regular strain. We loved tghis strain so much that we dedicated an entire blog post, where you can familiarize yourself with this very plant. At the end of reading it, you will be in the best position to know the ropes in and out of the fame behind this grass.

White Widow XTRM feminized

These genetics have been optimized for better growth characteristics and increased yields compared to the regular White Widow. White Widow XTRM is a very strong plant and can grow anywhere. This great Indica hybrid packs a power punch. The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to see the bud at all. The high is extreme and the taste divine.

White Widow XTRM feminized seeds also beat the White Widow feminized seeds in different scopes, but there is the joy that these two are siblings. This tells you that there is a reason we have included the term XTRM (extreme) in this strain – she yields extremely than the regular White Widow. A customer left this review, This strain doesn’t require excessive care. I bought the packet of 20 seeds and all germinated. Recommended for beginners with slight experience, amateurs, and expert growers. Do you know that the next positive could be yours after trying out the White Widow XTRM feminized seeds?

White Widow Supreme feminized

This potent indica dominant strain will hit just the right spot. It will uplift you and then make your body melt into a slumber where it will leave a big smile on your face. Let your pains and worries dissolve with every toke of White Widow Supreme. This is a great medical strain to treat pain, nausea, and anxiety.

What comes to your mind when you hear of the term supremacy? From our side, and especially in the marijuana seeds context, supremacy refers to our White Widow Supreme feminized seeds. Really. Well, the reason for saying so is that this very strain goes above and beyond to produce supreme buds, yields, aromas, and of course potency. Lest you forget, this is a white marijuana strain. She has the looks to keep every other pothead have that mouthwatering sensation when they see what this beauty has to offer on your outdoor cannabis farm.


Yay, we get it. Could be you expected the White Widow regular strain to be included here as she bears the name of the package. However, our assumption is that you are not looking forward to being a cannabis breeder, and even if that was the case, we have the plant in stock.

However, the beans on this White Widow Combo pack are all-females; thus, you expect to reap more yields as compared to any regular cannabis strain you will find out there. This makes loads of sense for that grower interested in getting an ROI from White Widow.


Could be, initially, you were not in a position to decide on which feminized version of the White Widow strain you were to go for. However, our White Widow combo pack is here to give you the ability to select from three different strains on what version to make your utter best. How will this be possible?

Let’s clarify… our White Widow feminized seeds, White Widow XTRM feminized seeds, and White Widow Supreme feminized seeds come in quantities of 5. We have also labeled the seeds such that you will be in a position to know what strain you have grown at what place. With that in mind, you will explore the three and fact-check how each grows, how they require attention, the bud sizes, and the overall yields. At the end of the growing season, you will have known how they compare, and thus, be in a position to make one of your favorites or even all.


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