AMS Supreme is an amazing mix of our own famous White Widow XTRM and Critical and will leave you feeling happy and relaxed!

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Medium heights best describe the AMS supreme strain. These supreme seeds give rise to cannabis plants that grow up to 90cm indoors, and up to 110cm outdoors. This means that one can cultivate germinate the AMS supreme auto feminized seeds and transplant the seedlings to the balcony without having to worry about unmanageable heights. This Indica hybrid necessarily depicts the typical characeristics of a true Indica.


AMS Supreme is an amazing mix of our own famous White Widow XTRM and Critical and will leave you feeling happy and relaxed!

Our breeders, with the help of our master breeder, Relaximo, worked around the clock to see to it that this dream became a reality. We desperately needed the autoflowering feminized version of our AMS supreme strain, and today, we smile because our selfless went above and beyond to put amicable smiles on our faces.


AMS Supreme will give you the ultimate relaxing effect that you want and that you need. As it is the case with Indicas, they are the ultimate deal for unwinding, especially after one undergoes the daily stressors and exhaustion.

Our master breeder recommended that the Supreme auto fem seeds would give rise to strains for night time use, and true to his word, our customers find this weed plant working perfectly when taken during the after-dinner moments. There are others who tell us that she brings about satisfactory bedroom experiences, and we can echo their words. We ultimately understand how these high-quality supreme seeds can give grass that gets the work done.


These feminized cannabis seeds are top quality seeds and easy to grow. Need some tips and tricks on growing your first batch of AMS Supreme Autoflowering Feminized seeds? Check our Grow Guide!

Germinating the seeds and see them grow from mere seeds to plants is the most enjoyable part of cultivating your supreme seeds. This made us think critically and come up with a handy germination guide that is more of generalized to let you know the ropes of germinating pot seeds, regardless of their nature. If you do everything right, we are happy to let you know that you have a 90% germination guarantee, and the highest chances of having your pot yielding vastly regardless of your experience level.

As the AMS supreme autoflowering feminized is an autoflower, there is no worry about lighting during the flowering phase as the failure to depend on light while crossing the vegetative phase to flowering stage, and flowering automatically best describes the autoflowering strains.

However, it is crucial to let you know that these auto strains require sufficient amounts of water and nutrients. If you can, you can get artificial marijuana fertilizers for your pot, and if for a reason you can get access to coffee grounds, then be sure to also use them as the critical source for organic fertilizer. Each cannabis plant loves them for the reasons mentioned in this blog post.


The AMS auto-feminized seeds come in pocket-friendly prices, regardless of their potency ratios. Her Tetrahydrocannabinol levels range between 29 and 30%, with 24% being the average, and boy, this is not your ordinary grass – she will knock you off if you won’t tread carefully. Necessarily, it would be best if you don’t take her first if you are an absolute beginner. Our website features other strains that have a 5-15% THC average, and for beginners, these are your go-to as you work your way up.

Also, we are always joyous if you save a couple of bucks, and you will be in a position to save a whopping 10% if you purchase your auto-feminized AMS cannabis seeds using crypto such as Bitcoin. Doesn’t it feel good to plough back these savings and get yourself armed with another packet of ganja seeds?


One of our customers by the name Frank wrote, “At first there was a loss of delivery but once notified prompt delivery was had, great service great product. And i totally love this strain!”

See, we were not in any way responsible for the loss of the delivery of Frank’s shipment, but as the caring brand we are, we owned up the mishap after getting the notification, and went beyond to ensure that that customer got value for his cash. That particular client loved it and today, we process his AMS supreme auto seeds at the onset of each growing season. That’s how we believe businesses should get run – ensuring that the customer gets fulfilled in the short and long-term.

Importantly, we advise our customers to always ensure that they order their cannabis seeds well in advance to avoid any uncertainties that may come underway. That way, they are in a position to be fully prepared before the growing season kicks in. Last minute rush in cannabis is inconveniencing. ALWAYS.


Even though we are Dutch-based, and in the weed capital of the world (Netherlands) to be specific, borders don’t play any critical role to stopping us from delivering your packet of the autoflowering supreme seeds. It matters not that you are in the USA, or Europe. Where you are, we are. Be confident that your package of goodies will reach your destination hassle-free, and with the most blanc packaging materials. AMS is your place to be.

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THC Level

Up to 23%





Yield Outdoor

Up to 600 grams / 21.2 ounces per sq meter

Height Indoor

Up to 110 cm / 43.3 inch

Flowering Time Indoor

7 – 9 weeks

Grow Difficulty



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